PrimalFit Training Boot Camp 4-16 Workout

Dynamic Warmup


-       Dead Bug X 12 each side (slow, w/ breathing)

-       Vertical Band Press (One Knee On Ground; Take Band and Push Press Above Head)

-       Monster Walks w/ squats

-       Plank one foot holds

-       Burpees w/ med ball

-       Kneeling Band Pull Down

-       Offset Tall Kneeling-to-Standing Offset Dumbbell Hold

-       5 min Walk stairs Sprint Straights



-       Kneeling Diagonal Chop

-       Sit Up w/ weights Full

-       Supine Palloff Press w/ band (laying down; bring band w/ 2 hands to chest and push straight up)

-       Med Ball Side to side Abs

-       6 high knees w/ 1 burpee

-       Bent Over Band Pull Ups

-       2 Cross, two upper cuts, burpee w/ small weights

-       5 min walk stairs sprint straights